Wednesday, 2 September 2020

The previous blogpost is a joke.

 Sivityigans has not been transformed to be like the other Igans show. That was a joke, Ha ha, Fat chance.

Do not take the previous blogpost seriously, and do not use it as a reference on the SlyAlligator Productions Wiki.

Notice: Raymond is not going to appear in Sivityigans.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

[AMAZING] The Sivityigans is epic!

 Well, it's that time of year in which I realize the current Sivityigans has been going into lots of problems, so I've decided to remake Sivityigans from scratch, so let me introduce you to...



The series is now about a bunch of childish characters who are taking childish adventures while everyone else hates them because everyone else are a bunch of PF94 wannabes. The Possibles are tossed away into the dust, they won't appear. Same thing goes for the Chazgames, although Chazgame1 is still there, rocking with that yellow twisty tail. Wow!

The 5 childish characters are having fun in Sivity every day! Who are there?

  • Canberra, the character that does her needs within herself, she's never interrupted, she's always having fun, while she smells.
  • Sly the Alligator, the character that is best friends with Canberra
  • Chazgame1, the character that lives in a tree, and likes to play, play, play.
  • Little Merengue, the character that's the most childish of them all.
  • Tasha, the character that we totally didn't steal from that other show that ends with "igans".
You should all be hyped for this milestone in Chaziz Video Entertainment history!
-Hairy Chaz.

Friday, 21 August 2020

How to not think properly and end up thinking Sivityigans is the same thing as that other show that ends with "Igans".

There's this kid that wants Sivityigans to be like Backyardigans, I don't even know why.

His reason? Because the Late-June 2020 animation test had the word "Hell" in it.

This is epic.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Sivityigans in August 2020


August's coming into a close and I have absoultely no idea what i'm doing with Sivityigans.

In a week, school's going to restart, and well, the thing is, Sivityigans cannot be actively worked on, and can only be put into the backburner for a long while, but it can't. My stupid little ****ing brain uses Sivityigans as a "procrastinate" tool, or just uses it as a generic thought for when i'm susspoded to sleep.

This makes pre-whatever-the-hell-that-goddamn-process-is-named very complicated, as the only thing that has been worked on Sivityigans has been a few outdated concept art, a few scrapped scripts, and oddly enough, [REDACTED, BUT STAFF OF THE SLYALLIGATOR COMMUNITY DISCORD KNOW WHAT I MEAN]. Sivityigans, the Chaziz Video Entertainment series, is basically just a mismatch of me, trying to remember what the true Sivityigans, from my brain, was. The brain Sivityigans has been going through a lot of problems lately, it seems that it doesn't start off with the main characters, but seems to start off with the same 3 Animal Crossing characters (Sly the Alligator, Canberra and Gonzo).

Sivityigans is not cancelled, it's state is currently unknown.

The banner was because this was going to be a list of good news for the project, mainly a redesign for the "Tasha" character (that i stole from backyardigans).

I don't care, this is all for now.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Flashback to my Roblox profile from early-2014!


This was just 4 days before Chaziz Video Entertainment was launched, and a few months before Roblox's transition into being "more modern" or something.
This was January 11st, but there's a mention of "chazgame", 4 days later, the Roblox account Chazgame2 (not to be confused with the Sivityigans/Several Robloxians character) was made.

I had about 400-500 friends in total shortly before the "Friends and Followers" update from late-2014.

I honestly miss 2013 Roblox, now the average age of the Roblox player is like 8, but back then, it was like 12. Not gonna lie, but modern Roblox is just a dumbed-down version of what it was 7 years ago.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Sivityigans is undergoing major changes.

 I will not explain about it, stay tuned for a video on the Sivityigans YouTube channel for the new updates.

September 3rd 2020 Update: A script for the video was worked on at one point, but I scrapped it.


Saturday, 8 August 2020

The history of the Merengue Studios Test Pattern

 In Steamed 8.1, a new test pattern was revealed.

This is a test pattern that would be named the "Merengue Studios Test Pattern". This is a early version, used in Steamed 8.1, which came out on May 14th, 2020. However, a few hours earlier, it looked like this.

Note the coloring errors, and the Sable column looking very different. And then, around 9-12 hours earlier, it looked like this.

Very, very, early.

This test pattern was only intended to be only used once, as a easter egg for the rushed Steamed 8.1 project. But it has been used more or less as the official test pattern for SlyAlligator Productions.

2 days later, and the test pattern was tweaked to add more characters.

Note the less-tall gradient.

later on, the collums were compressed to fit two more, although, the size wasn't equal. Note the placeholder colors, and the widget/uniqua collum still being there.

The widget/uniqua column was replaced with a Pablo the Penguin column, and the three new columns were colored.

A unused Sivityigans test pattern exists.

It was never utilized as this was in a earlier stage in Sivityigans' developement, (from mid-May, when the series was renamed to Sivityigans after the introduction of Canberra)

A revised version from early-July recolors the Raymond column to Tasha, and removes the mention of PF94 (this was when PF94 was planned to be shutdown).

This test pattern has started to fell out of use, with recent videos (such as Chaz Randomly Gives up) instead opting for the SMPTE bar.

This is all for now.

Friday, 7 August 2020

**** it, just **** it. Forget Sivityigans now, It's getting WAYYYYY too ****ing downhill.

I've had issues with this goddamn Sivityigans thing once the whole "Canberra x Sly the Alligator" thing kicked in.

It was fine at first, then it replaced the "Merengue x Austin the Kanagaroo" thing, uh oh, then it became more degenerate, to the point I ended up making a private social media account JUST to post 3D renders of Canberra and Sly the Alligator. It then went to the point I asked someone to look on furry websites for [REDACTED] of the two characters. I've gone WAYYYYY too ****ing downhill.

I can't ****ing work on this project peacefully because every late-summer (August), the other half of my brain just goes degenerate, EVERY, SINGLE, ****ING, AUGUST.

I have one of the [REDACTED] stuck into my brain. If only I was able to SSH through my goddamn brain to remove those [REDACTED] ****ery.

Sivityigans is NOT cancelled, I am just waiting for a better time to continue working on it.

That is all for now, for **** sakes.


Edit: Leo Historias, Please do not make your ****ty Sivityigans knockoff. Don't, Just don't.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Sivityigans (The Sivity Folks) is not cancelled, I am making it radio-slient for now.

The path the series has been heading in during brainstorming sessions is probably too, eh, to be public at the moment.

Sivityigans (possibly going to be renamed to The Sivity Folks) will be radio-slient. It is still in developement (pre-pre-production as I used to say it), It is not cancelled unless if I say it is.
Blame the starting villagers I got in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Just to be future proof here: Please ignore any bootleg Sivityigans projects created by other people. These are not the actual Chaziz Video Entertainment/PF94 Sivityigans series.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

I don't know what to write here.

So. it seems like that a new AC:NH update is coming out, fireworks and what not, Nintendo announced it on their YouTube channel.

Interesting... Will it affect Sivityigans? Nope... Really? It's literately just fireworks and some other thing.

Chaziz site does not contain anything. Don't try. You will have your eyes burnt by the [REDACTED].

Monday, 27 July 2020

Sivityigans Poseponement: Clarification, and minor updates.

To be super clear, Sivityigans was postponed indefinitely because there was a problem that arised during brainstorming sessions with a character. I will not say a lot of details about the character, however, it has replaced Austin since mid-July.

There is no current scripts for the supposed "Episode 1". Most of the scripts were only rough drafts, or in the case of some planned script from May 2020, from around the introduction of the possibly-cut Little Merengue character, had like 3-ish paragraphs done in some planning docuement, but only had 2 lines actually done in a script file I recovered via SSH. (I might be making a video out of those)

Minor updates

About last week's post. This was about major updates, so I can still say minor updates freely.
  • Chazzy has been renamed to Chazgame1. This change was made because Chazzy is now Chazgame2's somewhat-younger brother.
  • Sivityians (not Sivityigans) plans are now defunct, it was supposedly meant to be a comic series of sorts, taking place before Sivityigans. The name "The Sivity Folks" (which was planned to be used for Sivityians) will be used as a backup if a supposed "Sivityigans" pre-school cartoon produced by a immature child comes out

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

No more Sivityigans/The Sivity Folks (Sivityians) announcements

As July comes into a close, and most of it was procrastinating (not doing a lot of stuff for Sivityigans), I have decided to no longer write any more announcements for the two Chazzy projects.

The reason is because as the project advances and gets changed. I am worried that kids will look into my old posts from Feb/March, and then will get hyped at this "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian" project that they'll later realize was turned into Sivityigans, and will get disappointed.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

The Chaziz Video Entertainment Website

There's a Chaziz website. It can be accessed at

Note: If you are having a "No Cypher Overlap" error (when you try to browse the site on a old browser) try accessing the site with "".

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Video Cancellations

To clarify about upcoming videos I mentioned on the 2003tech Discord.

  • As Steamed Sivityigans was later converted into a now-cancelled Sivityigans episode, it's fair to say the video has been cancelled
  • Steamed Finale (originally Steamed Protegent 2, and then Steamed End) was going to end off the Steamed series. This was when I thought Steamed Protegent was succesful. However, it's growth has heavily slowed down (and just stopped) after a week of Steamed Protegent being public.
Other videos in which I worked on included

  •  "10076.veg", a parody of those "creepy" mario 64 videos that have been coming out since early-June.
  • "wantyougone.veg", made during a breif period of time of when i was going to end chaziz.

The two "Chazzy" projects, Sivityigans and Sivityians.

Sivityigans, a animated webseries crossover that's currently on postponement, has gotten it's own sister project. Sivityians (Working Title).

Sivityians is going to be the foundation for Sivityigans, It will start off with what Sivityigans was meant to start off with (which means that it'll first take place in 2013, and then time will pass, the characters will age).

Sivityians will not be published on the Sivityigans YouTube channel, it will be published on the ChazizPF94 blog.

Sivityians and Sivityigans aren't the same project.

That is all I have to say.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Sivityigans has been post-poned indefinitely.

The "Sivityigans" project has been put in the backburner for unspecified reasons.

The project will get a overhaul, and some characters may be cut, or heavily revamped.

-SlyAlligator, July 15th 2020.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Updating Outdated Sivityigans Blog Posts

To avoid misinfomation from the earlier blog post, I'll be modifying those so that the text is striked-out and the text is gray/grey. 

If needed, I'll be writing updated explanation to a question.

Sivityigans Animation Test: Coming Out Today or Tomorrow!

UPDATE: The Animation Test has been DELAYED

Title says it all, I've started working on this around 1 or 2 weeks ago on some Chaziz Livestream (this was before I moved Sivityigans to it's own channel), then abruptly stopped working on it.

If it gets delayed yet again. I ethier forgot, or some random internet crap has happended.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Sivityigans in June 2020

Originally, Sivityigans would have started with Rockette looking at her results of some merge (that idea was scrapped), now it was a Steamed Hams parody (for Shorts about Sivity)

However, I have decided to scrap two scripts. MRN-CVE-SIV-000, Shorts about Sivity, and MRN-CVE-SIV-001, The downfall of Austin.

Shorts about Sivity was first worked on in June 8th, and was last modified June 10th. The Downfall of Austin was first worked on in June 23rd, and was last modified June 24th.

For the moment, Sivityigans will a series of shorts. I might have been over-ambitious with Sivityigans, but it won't end up like Several Robloxians or ChazToon.

That is all I have to say.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Revival of This Blog

12  9 days ago i shut this blog down, possibly because i didn't know any ideas on what to do with the blog.

Personally, the reason was because this was a blog for ChazizVE/Sivityigans updates, however most ChazizVE videos end up getting cancelled, and i didn't wanted to announce every single time i made a change to some character in Sivityigans.

As of now, the Chaziz Video Entertainment Blog has been rebranded into the "ChazizPF94 Blog". Why?

Chaziz Video Entertainment refers to the YouTube channel. ChazizPF94 is a username i've been using on the web as of early-2020.

This blog will now be a assortment of topics, mostly technology, ChazizVE/Sivityigans updates (less frequent)

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

This blog is now officially over.

For the past 4 months, I've used this blog as a way to update people about Chaziz stuff, mostly Sivityigans related stuff. But nobody cared.

However, it has never been announced outside of (yet another) cancelled Chaziz Direct (this time, it never finished production).

Since Chaziz Video Entertainment has gotten it's own (open source!) website, I think it'll be a better idea if Chaziz updates were ethier announced in that site, or they were announced on the Merengue Studios YouTube channel (yes, it has one).

This blog was only created because of Sivityigans, back when it was named "Chazzy, Rocket(te) and Bloxian". The thing is, if I keep making those update threads, I'm worried that people will think that all of my ideas said will be on the series. I swear, those old idea threads cringe me. Sure, i wrote those like 4 months ago, but they look like if i wrote them back in 2016.

Goddamn, Daizy's dead? Who cares? Rockette treats Chazzy like a young child? How about Austin's parents treating Austin the Kangaroo (yes, the kangaroo from The Backyardigans) like a goddamn young child! Rockette sleeps on the floor like a toddler? Ummm, doesn't Lil' Merengue exist for that...?

Lots of those old Wubbzy-era ideas have ethier been cut or been applied to Lil' Merengue and Austin. Chazzy and Rockette are around 95% finalized, but i've cut Rover since I never had any ideas for him.

That's all from this blog.
-ChazizPF94, Merengue Studios.

Last edited: 6/18/2020

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Merengue Studios Updates - May 21st, 2020.

How about something different? Well, introducing the "Merengue Studios Updates" series of blogs, they will be made around, every 2-6 weeks. These are mostly announcements about upcoming videos or what not. So let's get started

Upcoming Videos!

Several Robloxians Remastered [Not Final Name]

Originally planned as a french dub of Several Robloxians (yes, two years later). I decided that i needed to tweak Episode 1/2 in order to be "Sivityigans-ready". Since my voice has somewhat changed from when i made the original series, Roblox Master 2006's voice will be a mix between my/Chazgame2's voice and RM06's original voice.

Since the files of Several Robloxians are lost (other than character models that were repurposed for ChazToon), Most of Episode 2 will be recreated from scratch, including the sets. However, most of Episode 1's footage will be unchanged, but the pace will be altered to sort-of remove the "Evolution of Roblox" feel that was dropped after Episode 1 was uploaded in April 2018.

Steamed 8.1 Revision 2

Steamed 8.1 was somewhat rushed, and the video was interrupted by a message stating that i didn't cared to continue it. Well, i'm continuing it, but at a slower pace. It will be released on PF94 instand of Chaziz. This is because i think it fits more in a style of what PF94 content usually is/was.


Check the previous blog posts for more details.

What has been cancelled.

Chaziz Rewind

The rewind was too ambitious, it was trying to remake/remaster the Chaziz Flashback, which was almost outdated by 2 years at this point. I have made the decision to cancel Chaziz Rewind. However, in 2024, there's a chance that a new Chaziz Rewind/Flashback will come out.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sivityigans Concept Art: Chazzy

Chazzy has gotten a overhaul, I decided to remove the tail because i just want to remove any traces of Wubbzy on Sivityigans, The obession is already over. (Somewhat ironic considering the series's new name references another pre-school cartoon called "The Backyardigans"... Trust me, i had barely any ideas)

For reference's sake, here's the first two concept arts of Chazzy drawn 4 days before the post "The future of "The Adventures of Several Robloxians""

I didn't draw it, someone else did.

Early Sivityigans (Feb/March 2020) is different from what Sivityigans currently is, i'll probably explain more tomorrow after i finish the complicated mess that is school work.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

πŸŽ΅π˜›π˜°π˜¨π˜¦π˜΅π˜©π˜¦π˜³ π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘚π˜ͺ𝘷π˜ͺ𝘡𝘺 𝘒𝘨𝘒π˜ͺ𝘯🎡

🎡Your Sivity friends, The Sivityigans🎡
wait, no.

I apologize for not really making blog posts on May, i don't know why, i just didn't cared enough for making blog posts. It seems that working on branding for PF94 and Chaziz Video Entertainment (along with a french channel, still in progress) was more important for me than working on Chazzy, Rocket and Rover?

I was still brainstorming for CRR, and i've decided to rename it to Sivityigans after the introduction of Canberra, yes, yet, another, damn, animal crossing, character. I had other ideas for names, but they were kinda not that great. The thing is, "Chazzy, Rockette, Rover and Canberra" is too long for a name. Yes, Rocket's name has been changed to avoid confusion with yet another Rocket... why.

I announced Sivityigans (back when it was still called Chazzy, Rocket and Rover) on a video called "A look back at the Chaziz Direct", which was the same video to finally introduce the Merengue Studios stuff (which fun fact, was orignially planned to be renamed from "Chaziz Productions" to "ChazzyMerengue Studios").

Drawn May 19th, 2020.

Drawn March 31st, 2020.
About the character, i finally did drawn a 2nd concept art of Rockette.

For comparision, here's a earlier concept art of Rockette, from a earlier stage of Sivityigans' developement. ----->

The second concept art doesn't have the "pink, widget" spots that the first one has, and the first concept art still uses the outfit meant for classic rocky as a placeholder, however, those "rocket = widget" plans were slowly dropped in early-to-mid-April, when the Wubbzy obession was starting to end.

About Rover and Canberra, well, they are still a early work-in-progress. I don't know about their designs and personality, and it often changes during those "brainstorming sessions". Chazzy is more or less finalized, and Rockette has been finalized by this point, only needing minor tweaks.

And no, i haven't done any scripts for Episode 1 (other than that "merge success" script from March). I'm not even sure what's the plot going to be like. Also, i noticed that in a older blog post, It started that Rockette's full name was "Rocket Ticha Willett", this is no longer true, maybe another full name will be revealed on later in the series.

About the series, it might come out, i'd say around between late-2020 to mid-2021.

That's all for now.

Friday, 17 April 2020

"Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" - Logo updates! and i'm putting the project on hold...

Now, while a blogpost like this is useless trash, but keep in mind, I'm trying to design the best logo for this series.

 This used to be the logo, back when Bloxian was still considered.

This is another logo, which i made today, it feels unpolished. So i tried a different font.
I tried a different font, this time, Ubuntu. It doesn't look good (and you can see i colored the text pretty quickly),

I fine-tuned the colors and changed the font to "Franklin Gothic Demi" and there we go, we have this design! While a bit dull, I'm fine-tuning the colors.

However, I've ended up putting the project on hold for a 2nd time. The reason is because the ideas needs polish enough to work properly or else it'll be a mess only watched by a specific group of people just because Rocket acts weird or has a weird obession, whatever...

Sunday, 12 April 2020

That one time when (Classic) Rocky was going to be like 4 from BFB

I have vague memories from mid-2018 about TAOSR, this was about iLonghornPad and a planned Episode 3.

Read iLonghornPad at

After going to VideoWorld, if i remember correctly, Chazgame2 and RM06 ended up being trapped in BFB, in which they try their best to hide. A plot twist would happen in which another Rocky would appear, revealing that the Rocky that died in the "2016" universe was a clone, the real Rocky, now "Classic Rocky", was a powerful person that could, uh... manage the entire world? Yeah, this idea persisted through CRR quite a bit with the "Universe Portal" or whatever.

Rocky would have, teleported them to a "virtual universe", and yes this was like a ripoff of that one BFB episode, thankfully it wasn't even made.

I think CG2/RM06 would have been inside of this un-EXIT-able area where another Rocky clone would have done generic school-ish junk.

What else? Nothing that i know of.

Why i wrote this? To give info on what the last ideas i had for TAOSR before trying multiple other concepts.

"Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" Ideas - Finally, good ideas.


Chazzy, Rocket and Rover is a series still stuck in pre-pre-production. Barely anything has been worked on yet, it's stuck in the brainstorming session, with concept art rarely releasing. It is a mess, with the ideas and plot changing more and more as i brainstorm even more, however, expect most of this i listed here to be included in CRR.

Bloxian has been cut from the show.

Bloxian was a character i kept forgetting about. In the original series (The Adventures of Several Robloxians), he was just a character introduced 2 thirds in, being the generic "sidekick-buddy" for Chazgame2. His voice, is just annoying. He barely has any personality that i remember.

Yes, he's replaced with Rover.

Rover is, interesting, because he doesn't originates from ethier "The Adventures of Several Robloxians" or "Wow Wow Wubbzy", he originates from "Animal Crossing". Now, this is a idea i had after the original CRB idea.

What were the original "CRB ideas"?

  • "Double Personalities", they would have been able to switch between "chaziz-made personality" and "w!w!w!-personality", this idea still existed when i begun making the script for the 1st episode, which needs to be rewritten.
  • "Earl" was planned to be the "4th character". The idea felt dumb so i scrapped it.
  • "RockyOS", this was only going to appear on the first episode, like a GLaDOS-like machine, however, instand of being a glitch on a application that merges, i ended up taking a idea from "Project iLonghornPad" which was the "universe to the future portal".
  • "Toddler-Like Chazzy", this was when i didn't knew if Chazzy or Rocket (this was before the "Sable" idea, which i'll explain on the next section), I ended up with Rocket, and toning down.

TFW "Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" is sorta "Chazgame2, Wubbzy, Sable, Widget and Rover"...

Rocket is just two completely different characters not made by Chaziz with a apparance from some character who only appeared in some old intro? Yes. And here's why.

Back in iLonghornPad (and a scrapped post-iLonghornPad episode 3), Rocky was going to be the villian of "The Adventures of Several Robloxians", a idea which lasted until the first blog post of Chazzy was created.

This caused a side-effect, Rocky had no personality, why should Rocket be just a "slightly more depressed Widget" type of character when everyone else is FINE?

While the new "Sable" thing adds barely anything to the table other than making Rocket get two other sisters and a clothing shop (I wonder if it should be ethier on another town or Sivity), it just makes me keep more focused on working on CRR cause the "wubbzy" obession is slowly beginning to sunset.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Chazzy's new design

Chazzy is less taller than what he used to be in his Chazgame2 days, it's more in between of "Wubbzy" and "CG2"

I'm making actual concept art cause i don't think anyone wants to draw concepts :/

Rough concept art for Rocket

I recently got a idea for adding pink (widget) spots to her, it turned out fine, but i'm not proud of the concept art. :/

The Chaziz Archives

You can check it out here.

This was a site i just remembered i made just now, I first made it in late-2018, before i had to live with my grandparents.

I just remembered why i cancelled ChazToon, not just due to the USB format, but because of the "living with the grandparents" stuff.

I may update the site later.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Dear YouTube

This is NOT acceptable.

I don't want my videos to be recommended with pre-school junk,

What if a Chaziz viewer accidently got into one of those stupid cheap CGI little angel videos? They'll likely blame me.

Tralier Sneak Peak 2

Here's a frame of the beginning of the tralier, the intro area.

This features a new design for pre-merge Rocky, which has been later tweaked into this, for a miscellanous, but still somewhat related project.

Here's the original design for reference.

Fun Fact

 I was originally trying to modify Pre-Merge Rocky's first design into removing the Rocky (Dog) t-shirt.

A screenshot of Pre-Merge Rocky's old 2016 design, with the rocky-t shirt being slopply redacted out.

    That's all for now. 

    Edit, featuring new trivia

    Saturday, 28 March 2020

    Stay tuned... i guess?

    I'm working on a script for the tralier. It'll be the first apparances of Chazzy, Rocket, Bloxian and Rover, as well as cameos of other characters. Stay tuned,


    Friday, 27 March 2020

    Extended Description and Details of "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian"

    7/3/2020 UPDATE: This post is HEAVILY OUTDATED. You're going to see a lot of March 2020 autism in this, after i wrote this blog post, Sivityigans transitioned into being a Wubbzy fan-series, to a Animal Crossing fan-series... and then into a bloated mess...

    Updated answers will be green.

    (notice: i am going to remake the script for "A merge done right" to be slower-paced, yes, it was too fast. this may delay the series)
    This is a extended description of the work-in-progress seires, "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian".

    What is the series?

    The series is about three "Robloxians", Chazzy, the sometimes-childish "leader", and owner of "Channel 78", a television station Chazzy and Bloxian made 9 months before the merge, Bloxian, the guy that knows not only "all about science and books and art", but also technology, he operates "Channel 78". and there's... Rocket! She's the reason why the universe got merged. She has been going through a existential crisis after the merge happend. Where's Daizy? She died sometime in 2018, more explanation on a episode that'll happen later in season 1.

    Classic Rocky owns channel78 as of May 2020. Bloxian was cut of the series since sometime in April 2020.

    What are the characters that are going to appear?

    I don't know, but here's a super, very rough list, it doesn't feature a lot of characters,

    Main Characters

    • Chazzy
    • Rocket
    • Bloxian
    Later in the series, another character will be introduced.
    Merengue and Canberra have been introduced as Main Characters around May/June 2020. Rover was also going to be a main character, around April, but was demoted back into a Secondary Character

    Other Characters

    Will certainly appear

    • Earl (W!W!W!)
    • Rover (A.C.)
    • Chazgame3 (ChazToon, name will be changed)
    • Roblox Master 2008 (ChazToon, name will be changed)
    Austin the Kangaroo was introduced in the series around Late-June 2020 as a secondary character.

    Will maybe appear

    • Kooky Kid (W!W!W!)
    • Miscellanous secondary characters from W!W!W!, not background characters,
    The only ideas I have for other secondary characters right now are those backyard kids.

    Any ideas for episodes? 

    • A rewritten "A Merge... Done Right?" episode,
    • A episode where it's about Channel 78.
    channel78 isn't interesting enough for a episode.
    • A episode where Bloxian accidently discovers Rocket's secret, where she acts like a toddler in her house, which then caused a argument, which concluded with Bloxian revealing in a mail message that he doesn't know how to eat properly and he drinks with one of those plastic zippy cups, great...
    Rockette doesn't even have that secret anymore, the "secret" has been moved into Austin. There was a planned episode (MRN-CVE-SIV-001) which repurposed this idea of a episode, but was dropped for a unknown reason.

    • A episode where Chazzy finally get explanation on why Rocket treats him like a little child. 
    Chazzy (which is Chazgame2's brother by the way) is not going to be treated by Rockette as a young child.
    I don't have any other ideas
    No, I don't have any ideas that aren't short.

    Who is behind this series?


    Why is this series being made?

    This, was sadly the only good idea i found which wasn't the same old "Chazgame2 fights off with Rocky!!1!" idea, There's no reason to make Rocky a villain just because his outfit was green and had a t-shirt of Rocky the recycling dog.

    Why is Rocket female?

    In the canon, she's trans, why? Because i just don't think "Rocket" is a male name, and well, Widget is female, so i just think it'll be better for Rocket to be female.
    While originally, very early in the series, she would have been a trans character, she was later turned into a non-trans female character after the "merge" idea was dropped.

    Why is Chazzy childish?

    The better term would have been "toddler-like", before the merge, Chazgame2 was perfectly fine, but meanwhile, Wubbzy was going into some trauma after Daizy had passed away in 2018. The little wubbster was making too much tantrums so much so that everyone else begun to treat him like a baby, while this was calmed very fast, Widget still treated Wubbzy like that, even after the merge were they became Rocket and Chazzy respectivly.

    Sivityigans was originally going to start in the present-day (thus causing Several Robloxians to be retconned in 2018, the year in which the 3 episodes were uploaded). W!W!W! has no connections to Sivityigans, and the somewhat-retconned W!W!W! "universe" has been dropped entirely. Chazzy is no longer childish, It's now Austin that's being childish.

    Ugh, this was the most stupidest thing i wrote.

    Any cut ideas?

    • Making Earl the 4th primary character in Season 2, however, this was going to 100% retcon him to a way it just felt weird
    • Double-personalities, they would have originally switched between their personalities into their "Several Robloxians" version or their "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" version, this would have make everything inconsistent, instand, now, their personalities have been merged. However, this makes them unrecognizable from their pre-merge versions.
    • Don't forget like, 80% of this damn blog post.

    A merge? That reminds me of Sonich-

    Yes, it's a coincidence.

    Tuesday, 24 March 2020

    Chaziz Video Entertainment: Updates [MARCH 24 2020]

    I have put "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian" on hold, along with the "Chaziz Direct", progress on the Rewind have been slowed down due to, other priories.

    Thursday, 12 March 2020

    Chaziz Rewind Workprint Released! (Because the Rewind is delayed)

    Even though it may not be finished, I've decided to upload it to the MoreChaziz channel. I was planning it to be a "suited up Chaziz Flashback with two more years", however, I decided to remake most of it and feature more videos. One such missing video was "Intel got an clouds", which is now the background music for the 1st 2015 Scene. I haven't fixed some of the audio issues, that'll be fixed later, I'm more busy on improving the 2014 and 2016 scenes for now.

    Expect more of a "May-June" release for the Rewind.

    Oh and i'm bi.

      -Chaz F. Peloquin

    Tuesday, 10 March 2020

    ChazizYT: Upcoming Stuff

    Due to a major argument happening in a community i was in, Chaziz videos are delayed.

    Chaziz Rewind 2014-2020

    A remastered version of the 2014-2018 Chaziz Flashback, it skips 2017, as no videos on ChazizYT were ever uploaded in that year, but introduces 2019 and 2020, and continues 2018.

    The video is about 90% done.

    Keep in mind, this uses the DVD, 16:9 version of the Chaziz Flashback, not the original 4:3 version. While it's in higher-resolution, the saturation has been altered for some odd reason, It has been fixed, however some colors aren't what they used to be.

    However, keep in mind that the original flashback had a minor saturation problem, but that was due to it being rushed in terms of "rendering". I rerendered the Flashback, however it's been lost to time, which was then putted in a DVD, which then got different saturation, then uploaded to YouTube a whole year later with "moreChaziz", and then it was modified with the Rewind.

    On the other side of things, it censores some stuff, including, the "This game is actually very good" quote from the Hazel FunTime Vid, the name of a Roblox exploiter's YouTube channel and the infamous scene at the end.

    Chaziz Direct: Spring 2020 [placeholder title]

    After the failure of the October 2018 Direct, I'm going to retry this format, but i know it'll flop anyways.

    It will talk about the following stuff
    • The failed Vlare Attempt
    • The Songs of Chaziz
    • The blog, which you are reading right now.
    • Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian 
    The video is about, 60-70% done. It'll use TTS, and it'll sound like Bonzi Buddy, but i'm warning the TTS community to not ramble how i'm using Bonzi as the TTS voice.

    Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian: Episode 1

    "A Merge Done... Correctly?"

     This is something i'm working on, and if you checked previous blog posts, It's in "pre-production", It may come out sometime between mid-2020 and mid-2021.

    There's also a wiki for CRB, at,_Rocket_and_Bloxian_Wiki

    That's it for now.


    Wednesday, 4 March 2020

    A Chazzy Soundtrack?

    Yep, also sorry for the weird "placeholder cover (featuring wubbzy)", my WMP was confusing my brand new album and "a rocket on my pocket", probably due to the name "rocket", dammit, grey robloxian!

    Tuesday, 3 March 2020

    Chaziz's Guide on The Privated Videos on ChazizYT

    Remember a video you watched on ChazizYT a while back but you don't see it anymore? Here's a list of videos that are privated.

    Chaz Randomly Plays: Baby Hazel FunTime

    The video was super god-awful and doesn't need to be viewed by anyone.

    Intro 3.5

    A reupload of "Intro (Version 3)" just with another stolen music, effort 0.

    Version 4

    Nobody remembers this, i still do. It was very terrible, it was back when i was going to copy DanTDM.

    Intro Version 5 and Version 5 Alpha 1

    Intros that were planned to be used, but alongside the lost Version 4, it was never used.

    Chaziz's Rant on The YouTubers of Today (plus Fortnite as well)

    A really, super, terrible unscripted video of me rambling about how youtubers became too clickbaity and how fortnite was trash.

    Chaziz's Rant on The Roblox of Today

    I made a stupid 8-minute long clip that killed the video, and the rest was just rambling about how roblox's state in mid-2018.

    Remove the Chat on Roblox Petition

    The video was so laughable that it flopped, thus i privated it,

    Growing Up - Timelapse

    It was just wayyyyy tooooo fasstttt. 12 seconds of time wasted for some game i don't even think is up now.

    1080p 1PourChaziz

    This wasn't made for the public, instead, it was a cheap solution of trying to get a memory from 4th grade, logged in with my google account at a random thinkpad to get that mp4 up in the channel, it was unlisted, but i finally privated it recently.

    The Chaziz Flashback of 2014 - 2018 (aka Chaziz Rewind 2014 - 2018)

    A obviously faked screenshot ruined the video, the video now lives on as the copy of the DVD version of the video (yes, i made a chaziz DVD with other stuff). Here it is, just keep in mind the colors is a bit too boosted, and the sound cuts each 2 minutes (not a error in the DVD, but a error from Vegas converting DVD maker-stuff into a readable video format). but it fixes that "zoom" issue from the original (as i somehow rendered the original video in 4:3), also, for any of you who knows me as "ChazizPF94", or "Gamerappa", this was back when Chaziz and PF94 were still seperate, which is why 2017 is... off.

    Chaziz's Battle Game

    Two videos were made for a game i made that was loosely based on Neonheight's Minecraft Trade map, i stopped working on it, hense why the videos are useless garbage.

    ChazBoshi's Roblox - Speedrun 4 - Out of Bounds speedrun

    This is out of date, Roblox doesn't have that glitch anymore, and i think it had to do with the lagginess of the server.

    The really fast adventures of several robloxians: Big TV Bangs needs to be faster!

    This video is just "The adventures of several robloxians" but made fast as a joke.


    The original Chaziz tralier, out of date,

    ChazToon "Project Oliver Owl": Ending Concept

    This video was from around the "Chaztoon" era, where i planned to make a cartoon that would revive the channel, i lost the chaztoon files, so it's cancelled. it was named after "Oliver Owl", which in a nutshell, it's just mid-1930s "Walden".

    I regot the idea of making a cartoon that would revive the channel, all of which are cancelled... But one show just had a ACTUAL SCRIPT BEING WORKED ON I'M SERIOUS! and that's obviously Chazzy if you checked the past blog posts.

    CustomizerGod Exploit

    This is why you should never use a karaoke microphone with a cheap adapter, It was too noisy, one of the channels didn't worked, also for some reason my voice was "soft" or was almost going to cry. Also, that "arial" chaziz logo at the end, TFW you're too lazy to install the Topeka font so you just use Arial and you crush it with some stuff.

    Roblox Problems

    It had a point, but the production quality was SUPER low, and it used the same mic as the one used in the CustomizerGod Exploit video, and the video background is the most interesting part, THAT'S RIGHT, I actually kinda participated in the "roblox part" of that one Jacknjellify livestream from August 2018 (you know the one where he played fortnite, sigh... and then he made his new PFP? and that's now lost). That's it.

    Exposing a Fake Baldi Video


    "Ham and Ex" saves... a random queen?

    Used a cringy app that was made for tik toks. and then put lyrics to "I haven't got a hat", from that mid-30s cartoon...

    The Problem With MessengerGeek/VidLii

    A much more edgier version of "Chaziz's Rant". It caused controversy in MessengerGeek and it kinda kickstarted the whole "I am PF94" thing.

    The Several Robloxians (working name) - The Entertainer

    It was privated since i silently cancelled that idea.

    Chaziz Direct *OUTDATED FROM OCTOBER 2018*

    Some of you may remember when it was meant to premiere 30 years after, this was because some of the info went out dated. I then publicly released the video with a paragraph comparing my plans from October 2018 to later. Here it is for archival purposes

    Difference from now and Chaziz Direct
    -Episode 2 for the corruptions were planned but cancelled 
    -Cleanup never happened, it was only the baby hazel video. 
    -Chaziz never uploaded any TF2 videos 
    -The Baldi Special was uploaded even though it was cancelled
    -Chaziz's Logo Evolution on (back before the subsite was archvied) states that the ChazBoshi rename was cancelled. 
    -The Direct states about me upgrading to 15, yes i did that upgrade. but not to 16.

    Also, there's that "PF94 =/= Chaziz" junk.

    Chaziz update about the COPPA update

    COPPA came and went with nothing honestly.

    Yakko's World Speedrun any% (00:18;06)

    Filler content that made people confused.

    This is all of my privated videos on the CHAZIZ channel, PF94 content will not be listed.


    Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian Ideas Part 3


    (The preceding post was meant to be posted yesterday but i forgot to post it)

    1. The town will tempoary be called Town 17, as a reference to HL2's City 17, No, no combine will appear in the show. :P
    2. Retcon some of the original wubbzy timeline to give it a little twist
    2.1. Daizy (who isn't even planned to appear anyways) dies between the end of W!W!W! and the universe merge, it's due to a disease.
    2.2. Widget (thus Rocket) has some bedwetting problems
    3. I also want to expand/100% retcon one side-character from W!W!W! and that character is... Earl.
    3.1. However that may happen later in the show (around season 2 or mid-season 1), the thing is, NOTHING has been already worked on... yet...


    The theme song is starting to be made! Here it is.

    And i founded the CRB wiki on FANDOM! Here it is!

    -Chaz F. Peloquin. 

    A rough version of a "planned" credits song for "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian".

    If you thought the theme song would have been like wubbzy's but with different lyrics to match the post-merge, YOU ARE WRONG.

    Here's a rough, prototype version for the credits or something. It has a somewhat-finalized structure to what i want, but it just sounds god awful, sounds like a remix made by a amateur.

    You see, i want the sound track for CRB to not be generic wubbzy background music (CRB's aint going to have moral songs in that). more of a, uh, basic background music to avoid making everything sound too slient.

    however, as the team for CRB is just 1 person, that is me, episodes may take forever to come out, i feel like no one's going to help me on that for some reason.

    Edit: A original draft of this post stated that this would have been the theme song, however, after brain-storming, i thought the idea of a slower-guitar cover of the wubbzy theme song with different lyrics would have been better than just generic FL studio junk.

    Monday, 2 March 2020

    "Songs" (and me rambling about how this wubbzy thing happend)

    This is a rough cut of "The Songs of Chaziz", still "songs" i'm planning to cut and release 'em into another album entitled "The Other Songs of Chaziz"

    This album will be available in June 2020, so, 3 months to go i guess to finalize everything, and cut the meh "songs" (lookin' at you, "That Island").

    Guess what are the other songs, but i'm going to show you the description of my most lastest "song", "Yellow Gerbil, Pink Bunny, Purple Bear, Aqua Dog".

    This "song" is a mashup of two other "songs" there were planned to be in the album, "Entering the YouTube Rabbit Hole" and "Yellow Character with Twisted Tail", with some warped vinyl effect added to it,

    The most interesting thing is, after the 31 second mark, if one would speed up the song by 2.58x on Audacity, it's actually just the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! theme song. Here it is.

    What's up with you and Wubbzy?

    I don't know what's happened, it seemingly happened out of nowhere on December 30th 2019.

    I tried watching it, but i wasn't able to.

    Sunday, 1 March 2020

    Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian Ideas... i guess. (part 2)

    I've got some ideas for the series

    1. I found a new name for post-merge RM06, Bloxian. "Bloxen" doesn't make any sense and there's a active minecraft user under that name.

    1.1 The show's title will be renamed to "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian" due to the new name.

    2. The first episode should be about the "Identity Crisis" regarding the 3 characters that happen a year later after the merge, yes, a hibernation happened during the first year of the merge.

    No, i haven't begun making the scripts of it, and no, i don't know how will Bloxian and Rocket look like, if anyone has any concepts of 'em, tell me on ChazizPF94#4057.

    3. Include, some "minecraft-y" elements? :P

    that's all for now, again.

    Friday, 21 February 2020

    "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" isn't want i expected...

    I expected the show to be a fun show with Wubbzy and his friends (Walden, Widget and later Daizy) doing fun stuff. However, what i found out, it was just a loud mess.

    Alright so, I tried to watch the show, as i have 10 GB worth of the show in a old computer, however, it's season 1 (not all of 'em as far as i remember) + Wubbzy's Big Movie.

    So i decide to try to watch Muddle Puddle but i had a hard time, VLC was on a low resolution and my volume was low, apparantly the "background music" is a bit too, "high pitched" and "childish", i was suprised, even though this is a pre-school show that aired on Nick Jr, i mean, that's before their downward sprial toward canadian dogs and british pigs.

    This makes me worried about the future of my future planned series "Chazzy, Rocket and RM06", as it was going to be a mix of W!W!W! and a old series of my from early-2018. Now that i think about it, Is it going to be a mix of a loud pre-school show and something mediocre to produce something half-edgy? Who cares, i'm still going to make the series into a reality, but it ain't a wubbzy revival, no no no. Anyways, back in the main topic.

    I had big hopes on this being a fun show i can watch during the weekends when i'm bored, nope, guess i'll be stuck with those Reddit videos (with adblock :P).

    Also, i planned to get a Wubbzy plushie in Easter 2020, i'm not cancelling that, even though the show may be meh, He's huggable.


    Monday, 17 February 2020

    Chazzy Ideas (part 1)

    Here it is, still incomplete, but i just gave up and i'm too lazy to convert the PNG to PDN.

    That's one of the big issues on working on Chazzy, it's a lack of ideas, and lack of creativity.

    Rocky's going to be "Rocket", i guess... However, i don't know how can i make a "planned villian character" be merged with a "somewhat girly machine making character".

    Anyways, "Chazzy's Adventure" isn't a good name. I'm probably just going to go with "Chazzy, Rocket and RM06"* or something like that.

    More stuff tomorrow.

    *The 2005 version of W!W!W! was simillar to that.

    Sunday, 16 February 2020

    Title Cards

    I played around with in a sunday evening for a while and made this.
    It's somewhat simillar to the title cards in W!W!W!, basic gradients and a lack of detail and what not. "Chazzy's Adventures" is a placeholder title as i don't have any ideas other than "Wow! Wow! Chazzy!", which isn't creative.

    No, this is not a Wubbzy ripoff. Check the previous blog post for more detail.

    Also, my digital art-style isn't that good, not as in Sonichu-levels, but, it's more in the levels of a 8 year old child finally learning and their former MS-paint circle tool art-style. I can draw Chazgame2 (thus Chazzy) and Wubbzy, if you exclude stick figures.

    The future of "The Adventures of Several Robloxians"

    This is "Chazgame2", a character that i originally created as "Blox" back in October/November 2017. He's, more of less the mascot of Chaziz, however, before that, he was the main character along with Roblox Master 2006 (aka RM06) of a series about the evolution of Roblox (until it was then changed into a adventure), which only had 1 episode, and had two drafts of the 2nd episode before i sliently cancelled the series due to a lack of time and not having much knowledge to animate on Roblox. There was a villian called "Rocky", which was just the 2016 mascot of Chaziz (back when it was called Chazpelo)

    So, most of the plans to revive the series were all in 2D.

    Mid-2018 Plan: Make the series more simillar to Talking Tom & Friends (which is a ripoff of The 2011 Looney Tunes Show), introduce a character that was more or less simillar to Hank, and another character that i forgot about.

    Late-2019 Plan: Make it simillar to the original plan, move him to a town that was simillar to a Town Freebuild Server from Blockland, but make Rocky put in a machine that was more or less like GlaDOS (aka RockyOS)

    The "Vlare" Plan: Revive the Mid-2018 idea, but move it in a different universe where Chazgame2 was more stupid and worshipped Wubbzy (does anyone remember him along with Waldo, Widget and Daizy?) and Roblox Master 2006 was more frustrated. and Rocky (still RockyOS) moved to that universe for "lulz". However, this idea was targetted to Vlare, however, I've left Vlare as no one migrated and no one cared about my Vlare Channel.

    What's the new idea?

    I've been brainstorming, and i scrapped the Vlare plan as it was too edgy and it was pretty much just a parodyof the Mid-2018 plan. I only have one more idea...


    Chazzy is a hybrid of Chazgame2 and surprise surprise, Wubbzy. I don't have any other ideas than Chazzy. also, Post-Merge RM06's going to be a hybrid of RM06 and Walden, and i don't have a name for him yet, which is why he's still called "Post-Merge RM06". Also, i don't know who will get the Widget treatment, maybe RockyOS?

    This takes place at a different multi-verse, where everything is the exact same as the late-2019 plan multi-verse but RockyOS does a universe merge (got that idea from a chrischan saga) from the Wubbzy universe to the main universe, and some explosion happens and "universal" lag (no, no one will be kicked for "time out") happens while CG2 and RM06 are sleeping. Then it goes something like this.

    *newly appeared alarm clock rings*
    Chazzy: When did i had a alarm cl- Wait, what just happened?
    Chazzy: This universe corrupted itself, incredible, Now i can't walk down stairs due to- a tail? Seriously?
    Chazzy: Guess i'm part of a children's cartoon then...

    That's all i have for now.