Saturday, 27 June 2020

Sivityigans in June 2020

Originally, Sivityigans would have started with Rockette looking at her results of some merge (that idea was scrapped), now it was a Steamed Hams parody (for Shorts about Sivity)

However, I have decided to scrap two scripts. MRN-CVE-SIV-000, Shorts about Sivity, and MRN-CVE-SIV-001, The downfall of Austin.

Shorts about Sivity was first worked on in June 8th, and was last modified June 10th. The Downfall of Austin was first worked on in June 23rd, and was last modified June 24th.

For the moment, Sivityigans will a series of shorts. I might have been over-ambitious with Sivityigans, but it won't end up like Several Robloxians or ChazToon.

That is all I have to say.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Revival of This Blog

12  9 days ago i shut this blog down, possibly because i didn't know any ideas on what to do with the blog.

Personally, the reason was because this was a blog for ChazizVE/Sivityigans updates, however most ChazizVE videos end up getting cancelled, and i didn't wanted to announce every single time i made a change to some character in Sivityigans.

As of now, the Chaziz Video Entertainment Blog has been rebranded into the "ChazizPF94 Blog". Why?

Chaziz Video Entertainment refers to the YouTube channel. ChazizPF94 is a username i've been using on the web as of early-2020.

This blog will now be a assortment of topics, mostly technology, ChazizVE/Sivityigans updates (less frequent)

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

This blog is now officially over.

For the past 4 months, I've used this blog as a way to update people about Chaziz stuff, mostly Sivityigans related stuff. But nobody cared.

However, it has never been announced outside of (yet another) cancelled Chaziz Direct (this time, it never finished production).

Since Chaziz Video Entertainment has gotten it's own (open source!) website, I think it'll be a better idea if Chaziz updates were ethier announced in that site, or they were announced on the Merengue Studios YouTube channel (yes, it has one).

This blog was only created because of Sivityigans, back when it was named "Chazzy, Rocket(te) and Bloxian". The thing is, if I keep making those update threads, I'm worried that people will think that all of my ideas said will be on the series. I swear, those old idea threads cringe me. Sure, i wrote those like 4 months ago, but they look like if i wrote them back in 2016.

Goddamn, Daizy's dead? Who cares? Rockette treats Chazzy like a young child? How about Austin's parents treating Austin the Kangaroo (yes, the kangaroo from The Backyardigans) like a goddamn young child! Rockette sleeps on the floor like a toddler? Ummm, doesn't Lil' Merengue exist for that...?

Lots of those old Wubbzy-era ideas have ethier been cut or been applied to Lil' Merengue and Austin. Chazzy and Rockette are around 95% finalized, but i've cut Rover since I never had any ideas for him.

That's all from this blog.
-ChazizPF94, Merengue Studios.

Last edited: 6/18/2020