Tuesday, 28 July 2020

I don't know what to write here.

So. it seems like that a new AC:NH update is coming out, fireworks and what not, Nintendo announced it on their YouTube channel.

Interesting... Will it affect Sivityigans? Nope... Really? It's literately just fireworks and some other thing.

Chaziz site does not contain anything. Don't try. You will have your eyes burnt by the [REDACTED].

Monday, 27 July 2020

Sivityigans Poseponement: Clarification, and minor updates.

To be super clear, Sivityigans was postponed indefinitely because there was a problem that arised during brainstorming sessions with a character. I will not say a lot of details about the character, however, it has replaced Austin since mid-July.

There is no current scripts for the supposed "Episode 1". Most of the scripts were only rough drafts, or in the case of some planned script from May 2020, from around the introduction of the possibly-cut Little Merengue character, had like 3-ish paragraphs done in some planning docuement, but only had 2 lines actually done in a script file I recovered via SSH. (I might be making a video out of those)

Minor updates

About last week's post. This was about major updates, so I can still say minor updates freely.
  • Chazzy has been renamed to Chazgame1. This change was made because Chazzy is now Chazgame2's somewhat-younger brother.
  • Sivityians (not Sivityigans) plans are now defunct, it was supposedly meant to be a comic series of sorts, taking place before Sivityigans. The name "The Sivity Folks" (which was planned to be used for Sivityians) will be used as a backup if a supposed "Sivityigans" pre-school cartoon produced by a immature child comes out

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

No more Sivityigans/The Sivity Folks (Sivityians) announcements

As July comes into a close, and most of it was procrastinating (not doing a lot of stuff for Sivityigans), I have decided to no longer write any more announcements for the two Chazzy projects.

The reason is because as the project advances and gets changed. I am worried that kids will look into my old posts from Feb/March, and then will get hyped at this "Chazzy, Rocket and Bloxian" project that they'll later realize was turned into Sivityigans, and will get disappointed.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

The Chaziz Video Entertainment Website

There's a Chaziz website. It can be accessed at

Note: If you are having a "No Cypher Overlap" error (when you try to browse the site on a old browser) try accessing the site with "".

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Video Cancellations

To clarify about upcoming videos I mentioned on the 2003tech Discord.

  • As Steamed Sivityigans was later converted into a now-cancelled Sivityigans episode, it's fair to say the video has been cancelled
  • Steamed Finale (originally Steamed Protegent 2, and then Steamed End) was going to end off the Steamed series. This was when I thought Steamed Protegent was succesful. However, it's growth has heavily slowed down (and just stopped) after a week of Steamed Protegent being public.
Other videos in which I worked on included

  •  "10076.veg", a parody of those "creepy" mario 64 videos that have been coming out since early-June.
  • "wantyougone.veg", made during a breif period of time of when i was going to end chaziz.

The two "Chazzy" projects, Sivityigans and Sivityians.

Sivityigans, a animated webseries crossover that's currently on postponement, has gotten it's own sister project. Sivityians (Working Title).

Sivityians is going to be the foundation for Sivityigans, It will start off with what Sivityigans was meant to start off with (which means that it'll first take place in 2013, and then time will pass, the characters will age).

Sivityians will not be published on the Sivityigans YouTube channel, it will be published on the ChazizPF94 blog.

Sivityians and Sivityigans aren't the same project.

That is all I have to say.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Sivityigans has been post-poned indefinitely.

The "Sivityigans" project has been put in the backburner for unspecified reasons.

The project will get a overhaul, and some characters may be cut, or heavily revamped.

-SlyAlligator, July 15th 2020.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Updating Outdated Sivityigans Blog Posts

To avoid misinfomation from the earlier blog post, I'll be modifying those so that the text is striked-out and the text is gray/grey. 

If needed, I'll be writing updated explanation to a question.

Sivityigans Animation Test: Coming Out Today or Tomorrow!

UPDATE: The Animation Test has been DELAYED

Title says it all, I've started working on this around 1 or 2 weeks ago on some Chaziz Livestream (this was before I moved Sivityigans to it's own channel), then abruptly stopped working on it.

If it gets delayed yet again. I ethier forgot, or some random internet crap has happended.