Saturday, 29 August 2020

[AMAZING] The Sivityigans is epic!

 Well, it's that time of year in which I realize the current Sivityigans has been going into lots of problems, so I've decided to remake Sivityigans from scratch, so let me introduce you to...



The series is now about a bunch of childish characters who are taking childish adventures while everyone else hates them because everyone else are a bunch of PF94 wannabes. The Possibles are tossed away into the dust, they won't appear. Same thing goes for the Chazgames, although Chazgame1 is still there, rocking with that yellow twisty tail. Wow!

The 5 childish characters are having fun in Sivity every day! Who are there?

  • Canberra, the character that does her needs within herself, she's never interrupted, she's always having fun, while she smells.
  • Sly the Alligator, the character that is best friends with Canberra
  • Chazgame1, the character that lives in a tree, and likes to play, play, play.
  • Little Merengue, the character that's the most childish of them all.
  • Tasha, the character that we totally didn't steal from that other show that ends with "igans".
You should all be hyped for this milestone in Chaziz Video Entertainment history!
-Hairy Chaz.

Friday, 21 August 2020

How to not think properly and end up thinking Sivityigans is the same thing as that other show that ends with "Igans".

There's this kid that wants Sivityigans to be like Backyardigans, I don't even know why.

His reason? Because the Late-June 2020 animation test had the word "Hell" in it.

This is epic.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Sivityigans in August 2020


August's coming into a close and I have absoultely no idea what i'm doing with Sivityigans.

In a week, school's going to restart, and well, the thing is, Sivityigans cannot be actively worked on, and can only be put into the backburner for a long while, but it can't. My stupid little ****ing brain uses Sivityigans as a "procrastinate" tool, or just uses it as a generic thought for when i'm susspoded to sleep.

This makes pre-whatever-the-hell-that-goddamn-process-is-named very complicated, as the only thing that has been worked on Sivityigans has been a few outdated concept art, a few scrapped scripts, and oddly enough, [REDACTED, BUT STAFF OF THE SLYALLIGATOR COMMUNITY DISCORD KNOW WHAT I MEAN]. Sivityigans, the Chaziz Video Entertainment series, is basically just a mismatch of me, trying to remember what the true Sivityigans, from my brain, was. The brain Sivityigans has been going through a lot of problems lately, it seems that it doesn't start off with the main characters, but seems to start off with the same 3 Animal Crossing characters (Sly the Alligator, Canberra and Gonzo).

Sivityigans is not cancelled, it's state is currently unknown.

The banner was because this was going to be a list of good news for the project, mainly a redesign for the "Tasha" character (that i stole from backyardigans).

I don't care, this is all for now.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Flashback to my Roblox profile from early-2014!


This was just 4 days before Chaziz Video Entertainment was launched, and a few months before Roblox's transition into being "more modern" or something.
This was January 11st, but there's a mention of "chazgame", 4 days later, the Roblox account Chazgame2 (not to be confused with the Sivityigans/Several Robloxians character) was made.

I had about 400-500 friends in total shortly before the "Friends and Followers" update from late-2014.

I honestly miss 2013 Roblox, now the average age of the Roblox player is like 8, but back then, it was like 12. Not gonna lie, but modern Roblox is just a dumbed-down version of what it was 7 years ago.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Sivityigans is undergoing major changes.

 I will not explain about it, stay tuned for a video on the Sivityigans YouTube channel for the new updates.

September 3rd 2020 Update: A script for the video was worked on at one point, but I scrapped it.


Saturday, 8 August 2020

The history of the Merengue Studios Test Pattern

 In Steamed 8.1, a new test pattern was revealed.

This is a test pattern that would be named the "Merengue Studios Test Pattern". This is a early version, used in Steamed 8.1, which came out on May 14th, 2020. However, a few hours earlier, it looked like this.

Note the coloring errors, and the Sable column looking very different. And then, around 9-12 hours earlier, it looked like this.

Very, very, early.

This test pattern was only intended to be only used once, as a easter egg for the rushed Steamed 8.1 project. But it has been used more or less as the official test pattern for SlyAlligator Productions.

2 days later, and the test pattern was tweaked to add more characters.

Note the less-tall gradient.

later on, the collums were compressed to fit two more, although, the size wasn't equal. Note the placeholder colors, and the widget/uniqua collum still being there.

The widget/uniqua column was replaced with a Pablo the Penguin column, and the three new columns were colored.

A unused Sivityigans test pattern exists.

It was never utilized as this was in a earlier stage in Sivityigans' developement, (from mid-May, when the series was renamed to Sivityigans after the introduction of Canberra)

A revised version from early-July recolors the Raymond column to Tasha, and removes the mention of PF94 (this was when PF94 was planned to be shutdown).

This test pattern has started to fell out of use, with recent videos (such as Chaz Randomly Gives up) instead opting for the SMPTE bar.

This is all for now.

Friday, 7 August 2020

**** it, just **** it. Forget Sivityigans now, It's getting WAYYYYY too ****ing downhill.

I've had issues with this goddamn Sivityigans thing once the whole "Canberra x Sly the Alligator" thing kicked in.

It was fine at first, then it replaced the "Merengue x Austin the Kanagaroo" thing, uh oh, then it became more degenerate, to the point I ended up making a private social media account JUST to post 3D renders of Canberra and Sly the Alligator. It then went to the point I asked someone to look on furry websites for [REDACTED] of the two characters. I've gone WAYYYYY too ****ing downhill.

I can't ****ing work on this project peacefully because every late-summer (August), the other half of my brain just goes degenerate, EVERY, SINGLE, ****ING, AUGUST.

I have one of the [REDACTED] stuck into my brain. If only I was able to SSH through my goddamn brain to remove those [REDACTED] ****ery.

Sivityigans is NOT cancelled, I am just waiting for a better time to continue working on it.

That is all for now, for **** sakes.


Edit: Leo Historias, Please do not make your ****ty Sivityigans knockoff. Don't, Just don't.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Sivityigans (The Sivity Folks) is not cancelled, I am making it radio-slient for now.

The path the series has been heading in during brainstorming sessions is probably too, eh, to be public at the moment.

Sivityigans (possibly going to be renamed to The Sivity Folks) will be radio-slient. It is still in developement (pre-pre-production as I used to say it), It is not cancelled unless if I say it is.
Blame the starting villagers I got in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Just to be future proof here: Please ignore any bootleg Sivityigans projects created by other people. These are not the actual Chaziz Video Entertainment/PF94 Sivityigans series.