Saturday, 29 August 2020

[AMAZING] The Sivityigans is epic!

 Well, it's that time of year in which I realize the current Sivityigans has been going into lots of problems, so I've decided to remake Sivityigans from scratch, so let me introduce you to...



The series is now about a bunch of childish characters who are taking childish adventures while everyone else hates them because everyone else are a bunch of PF94 wannabes. The Possibles are tossed away into the dust, they won't appear. Same thing goes for the Chazgames, although Chazgame1 is still there, rocking with that yellow twisty tail. Wow!

The 5 childish characters are having fun in Sivity every day! Who are there?

  • Canberra, the character that does her needs within herself, she's never interrupted, she's always having fun, while she smells.
  • Sly the Alligator, the character that is best friends with Canberra
  • Chazgame1, the character that lives in a tree, and likes to play, play, play.
  • Little Merengue, the character that's the most childish of them all.
  • Tasha, the character that we totally didn't steal from that other show that ends with "igans".
You should all be hyped for this milestone in Chaziz Video Entertainment history!
-Hairy Chaz.

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