Thursday, 20 August 2020

Sivityigans in August 2020


August's coming into a close and I have absoultely no idea what i'm doing with Sivityigans.

In a week, school's going to restart, and well, the thing is, Sivityigans cannot be actively worked on, and can only be put into the backburner for a long while, but it can't. My stupid little ****ing brain uses Sivityigans as a "procrastinate" tool, or just uses it as a generic thought for when i'm susspoded to sleep.

This makes pre-whatever-the-hell-that-goddamn-process-is-named very complicated, as the only thing that has been worked on Sivityigans has been a few outdated concept art, a few scrapped scripts, and oddly enough, [REDACTED, BUT STAFF OF THE SLYALLIGATOR COMMUNITY DISCORD KNOW WHAT I MEAN]. Sivityigans, the Chaziz Video Entertainment series, is basically just a mismatch of me, trying to remember what the true Sivityigans, from my brain, was. The brain Sivityigans has been going through a lot of problems lately, it seems that it doesn't start off with the main characters, but seems to start off with the same 3 Animal Crossing characters (Sly the Alligator, Canberra and Gonzo).

Sivityigans is not cancelled, it's state is currently unknown.

The banner was because this was going to be a list of good news for the project, mainly a redesign for the "Tasha" character (that i stole from backyardigans).

I don't care, this is all for now.

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