Friday, 17 April 2020

"Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" - Logo updates! and i'm putting the project on hold...

Now, while a blogpost like this is useless trash, but keep in mind, I'm trying to design the best logo for this series.

 This used to be the logo, back when Bloxian was still considered.

This is another logo, which i made today, it feels unpolished. So i tried a different font.
I tried a different font, this time, Ubuntu. It doesn't look good (and you can see i colored the text pretty quickly),

I fine-tuned the colors and changed the font to "Franklin Gothic Demi" and there we go, we have this design! While a bit dull, I'm fine-tuning the colors.

However, I've ended up putting the project on hold for a 2nd time. The reason is because the ideas needs polish enough to work properly or else it'll be a mess only watched by a specific group of people just because Rocket acts weird or has a weird obession, whatever...

Sunday, 12 April 2020

That one time when (Classic) Rocky was going to be like 4 from BFB

I have vague memories from mid-2018 about TAOSR, this was about iLonghornPad and a planned Episode 3.

Read iLonghornPad at

After going to VideoWorld, if i remember correctly, Chazgame2 and RM06 ended up being trapped in BFB, in which they try their best to hide. A plot twist would happen in which another Rocky would appear, revealing that the Rocky that died in the "2016" universe was a clone, the real Rocky, now "Classic Rocky", was a powerful person that could, uh... manage the entire world? Yeah, this idea persisted through CRR quite a bit with the "Universe Portal" or whatever.

Rocky would have, teleported them to a "virtual universe", and yes this was like a ripoff of that one BFB episode, thankfully it wasn't even made.

I think CG2/RM06 would have been inside of this un-EXIT-able area where another Rocky clone would have done generic school-ish junk.

What else? Nothing that i know of.

Why i wrote this? To give info on what the last ideas i had for TAOSR before trying multiple other concepts.

"Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" Ideas - Finally, good ideas.


Chazzy, Rocket and Rover is a series still stuck in pre-pre-production. Barely anything has been worked on yet, it's stuck in the brainstorming session, with concept art rarely releasing. It is a mess, with the ideas and plot changing more and more as i brainstorm even more, however, expect most of this i listed here to be included in CRR.

Bloxian has been cut from the show.

Bloxian was a character i kept forgetting about. In the original series (The Adventures of Several Robloxians), he was just a character introduced 2 thirds in, being the generic "sidekick-buddy" for Chazgame2. His voice, is just annoying. He barely has any personality that i remember.

Yes, he's replaced with Rover.

Rover is, interesting, because he doesn't originates from ethier "The Adventures of Several Robloxians" or "Wow Wow Wubbzy", he originates from "Animal Crossing". Now, this is a idea i had after the original CRB idea.

What were the original "CRB ideas"?

  • "Double Personalities", they would have been able to switch between "chaziz-made personality" and "w!w!w!-personality", this idea still existed when i begun making the script for the 1st episode, which needs to be rewritten.
  • "Earl" was planned to be the "4th character". The idea felt dumb so i scrapped it.
  • "RockyOS", this was only going to appear on the first episode, like a GLaDOS-like machine, however, instand of being a glitch on a application that merges, i ended up taking a idea from "Project iLonghornPad" which was the "universe to the future portal".
  • "Toddler-Like Chazzy", this was when i didn't knew if Chazzy or Rocket (this was before the "Sable" idea, which i'll explain on the next section), I ended up with Rocket, and toning down.

TFW "Chazzy, Rocket and Rover" is sorta "Chazgame2, Wubbzy, Sable, Widget and Rover"...

Rocket is just two completely different characters not made by Chaziz with a apparance from some character who only appeared in some old intro? Yes. And here's why.

Back in iLonghornPad (and a scrapped post-iLonghornPad episode 3), Rocky was going to be the villian of "The Adventures of Several Robloxians", a idea which lasted until the first blog post of Chazzy was created.

This caused a side-effect, Rocky had no personality, why should Rocket be just a "slightly more depressed Widget" type of character when everyone else is FINE?

While the new "Sable" thing adds barely anything to the table other than making Rocket get two other sisters and a clothing shop (I wonder if it should be ethier on another town or Sivity), it just makes me keep more focused on working on CRR cause the "wubbzy" obession is slowly beginning to sunset.